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Mini Split Ductless Systems

If you’re looking for a mini split system to cool a small area or single room look to Precise Solar and Power. Their staff with help find you the best brand for your specific needs and install it in as little as 3-days after the orders are placed.

There are many advantages of the ductless system including smaller size and flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling individual rooms. And with Precise Solar and Power’s annual preventative maintenance plans you are sure to find the perfect unit.

This is the top of the line unit features capabilities of up to 19seer on Heat pump/AC outdoor units. Fully communicating, self diagnosing, inverter driven. Industry leading 12 yr parts and compressor warranty and a 12 “No Hassle” unit replacement warranty if major components were to fail. Energy Star tax rebates are available on select models of up to $300.

Heil gas furnaces can achieve up 97% efficient gas consumption ratios and come with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. Operates at quieter, lower heating rates, Two−speed induced draft combustion blower, Variable speed ECM blower motor, Insulated steel cabinet. Rebates of up to $600 are available on select units

Dual Fuel systems offer the best of both worlds, the efficiency of a heat pump, and the warm heat of a gas furnace when temperatures dip below 26 degrees. Absolutely the most efficient way to heat and cool a home.

With the addition of the Observer thermostat, the home owner has full control of their heat and cooling system to maximize comfort. Completely wifi capable, this control can regulate humidity, be programmed for specific times of use, and increase unit efficiency all with a smart phone

Heil has a wide variety of products just for Indoor air quality. The Air Purifier filtration system is ideal for homeowners susceptible to airborne germs and those sensitive to pollen, pet dander and more. Paired with a UV light capable of killing germs at the microbial level, these make a great additive to heating and air system.

Mini Split Systems in Melbourn, AR